Community Development

Pobal has defined community development as: “a developmental activity composed of both a task and a process. The task is the achievement of social change linked to equality and social justice, and the process is the application of the principles of participation, empowerment and collective decision making in a structured and coordinated way. Community Development seeks to challenge the causes of poverty and disadvantage and to offer new opportunities for those lacking choice, power and resources”.

At its heart, community development is rooted in the belief that all people should have access to health & wellbeing, education and learning, economic security, safety, and an opportunity to participate in a meaningful way. At Maine Valley Family Resource Centre we aim to provide opportunities to address these rooted beliefs in the delivery of services.  Activities are always created to fill a need or a gap in consultation with the community it affects. Below are some of the programmes that we can/are/and have provided at our centre.

What's On