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What is Counselling?
According to Mental Health Ireland one person in every three attending the family doctor has a mental health aspect to the medical problem. Counselling/Therapy is probably needed more now than ever but many people cannot afford it, so with this in mind many Family Resource Centres and Community Organisations are providing affordable counselling. If you have never gone for counselling making the call for an appointment can be a very difficult thing to do. You don’t know what to expect. You may feel nervous and unsure of what to say. Fear not, counsellors are aware of the possible emotional turmoil you may be going through and are only interested in making you feel safe and at ease. The concept of counselling together with the limits of confidentiality will be explained to you at the start of the first session.

What is the point of going to see a Counsellor?

Mental health is just as important as physical health. If you are physically unwell you seek the help of your family doctor similarly if you are mentally stressed you can seek the help of a counsellor/therapist.

Why do people go for counselling?

Some of the issues that bring people to counselling are bereavement,loss,separation,divorce, addiction, sexual identity, low self esteem, physical, mental, sexual abuse, health issues to name but a few. However, any problem that is causing anxiety and interfering with your day to day life can be taken to counselling.

What will the counsellor do for me?

The Counsellor will provide a safe, confidential space for you to express yourself. The Counsellor will listen to you, will treat you with respect and dignity and will not judge you in any way.

This confidential, low cost service is available in Castlemaine. Avail of up to 8 sessions of counselling or support. Our Centre continues to provide a professional counselling and support service to the Maine Valley area. If you want to talk to an accredited counsellor about any issue affecting your life including bereavement, family problems, parenting, coping or stress.

Confidential Booking Line: 021 4217484

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